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March 2008

The Latest eco-chic finds from chef, author, and television host Renee Loux

Maui-based chef, author, and now television host Renee Loux radiates eco-friendly living, from her 20 rooftop solar panels to her beauty products ("You can practically eat them").

It's a lifestyle closely tied to her island home. "On such a finite amount of land," Loux says, "the waste we produce is immediately evident - we can see it."

Queen of Green

Next month's a big one for Loux: Her new book, Easy Green Living (Rodale; $25), comes out, and her new show, It's Easy Being Green, debuts on the Fine Living Network.

Renée's Favorite Finds

Here are her latest eco-chic discoveries.

Balanced Design Pillows

Mod silk-screened designs printed with water-based inks on hemp and linen. Appliqued designs are crafted from wool felt and organic flannel.

Info: $70 each; or 401/486-3589 for stores.

Babik rug by Marla Hederson Design

Made from patches of vintage Turkish kilims - flat-woven wool textiles from the nomadic tribes of Anatolia.

Info: From $3,900 for 6- by 9-ft. rug; or 512/563-0637

Iittala Sarpaneva cast-iron casserole

Lined with enamel and featuring a detachable wooden handle, the pot was designed in 1960 by Timo Sarpaneva. "It will outlast a lifetime. Now that's gree,"

Info: $265; or 626/564-1908.

VivaTerra recycled round wine tumblers

"What better to toast with than elegant wine tumblers made from recycled glass?"

Info: $69 for a set of six; or 800/233-6011.

Gotham rocker by J. Persing

Made from recycled seat belts and nontoxic, water-based adhesive.

Info: Available in eight colors; $999; or 866-848-2840

Paper Source eco-wrapping paper

Water-based inks on recycled kraft paper produced fromo 80 percent post-coonsumer waste.

Info: $2.25 for 19-1/2- by 27-in. sheet; or 888/727-3711

Gypsystyle shoulder bag

Recycled plastic in several color schemes. "I use them at the market, the beach, on airplanes, and always keep one in the car. Stylish but reasonably proced."

Info: $36; or 323/445-5044