Plant Stem Cells: An Anti-Aging Miracle? (Women's Health)

How plant and fruit stem cells in skincare products can stop the visible signs of aging 

Plant and fruit stem cells are in bloom as ingredients du jour in a new generation of anti-aging skin care products.

What exactly are stem cells?

Stem cells are in all living things: plants, animals, and humans. They’re the most basic type of cells, kind of like the raw materials from which all other cells are made. Stem cells are able to develop into many different kinds of cells and are able to divide and regenerate for extended periods of time, making them a potential treasure trove for regenerating the body. In the past decade, human stem cells have been the subject of a lot of debate. But scientists have recently found a way to tap the healing and rejuvenating benefits of stem cells without all the ethical baggage: extract them from plants and fruits.

What can plant stem cells do for skin?

Skin cells grow and die at a surprisingly fast rate, turning over about every month. With constant assaults from free radicals, UV rays, environmental toxins, and debased nutrition, every time our skin cells turn over, they run the risk of damage and mutation. Plus, with age, stem cells become depleted and turnover rate slows down. The result? Visible aging, wrinkles, and less-than lustrous skin. Supplying the skin with a fresh batch of stem cells could potentially allow for the creation of new, younger-looking skin. Could scientists have found the fountain of youth?

Do plant stem cells actually work?

It depends on whom you ask. Cosmetic companies tout compelling information about plant and fruit stem cells’ miracles. And some studies, albeit limited, show that plant and fruit stem cells have the ability to stimulate the growth of human stem cells and protect human stem cells from UV damage and oxidative stress that causes aging. In time, the hopeful science of stem cell research may become something tried and true. In the meantime, many of the natural formulas that tout plant and fruit stem cells are also loaded with skin-beneficial ingredients with demonstrated anti-aging effects such as antioxidant vitamin C, collagen-building peptides, and nourishing plant oils—the whole of which may be more than the sum of their parts.

Check out these plant and fruit stem cell products that can renew and regenerate your skin:

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer contains a proprietary blend of fruit stem cells to repair DNA and encourage new cell growth along with its signature antioxidant-rich fruit juice base, vitamin C, and hydrating plant oils.

1.7 fl oz, $65,

La Prairie Cellular Power Infusion is an ultra-deluxe formula infused with Swiss Red Grape stem cells to protect skin’s own stem cells, Swiss Snow Algae to activate longevity of cells, and an exclusive peptide to renew skin cells.

4 x 0.26 fl oz, $475,

MyChelle Apple Brightening Serum combines PhytoCellTec apple stem cells to regenerate skin, and unique peptides to diminish sunspots as well as aid in UVA and UVB damage recovery.

1 fl oz, $44.30,

Goldfaden Alpine Rose Stem Cell Cream is infused with stem cells from rose leaves to protect skin from environmental stress and aging factors and is loaded with specialized peptides to stimulate collagen production and antioxidant-rich red tea extract.

1 fl oz, $75,

100% Pure Green Apple Stem Cell Anti-Aging Concentrate blends apple stem cell technology with antioxidants CoQ-10, vitamins C and E, and nourishing pomegranate and acai oils in a delicious formula for healthy, vibrant skin.

1 fl oz $35,