The Balanced Plate

The Essential Elements of Whole Food and Good Health - foreword by Dr. Dean Ornish

Discover the rejuvenating power of whole foods and green living to enjoy a lifetime of good health and harmony.

With more than 150 delicious recipes inspired by whole foods-based dietary plans, a wealth of practical ideas for cultivating a natural, healthy environment at home, and stunning information about the effects of modern food production on our health and the environment, The Balanced Plate presents the essential elements of living well through whole foods, and green living for a safe, sustainable future.

"Renée Loux has written an exquisite book. She gives us recipes for sumptuous dishes made from a balance of wholesome ingredients. But she also gives us something even more valuable and enduring: a new way of thinking about food and how it impacts our lives."

- Dean Ornish, MD

"The Balanced Plate is a manual for clean, healthy, inspired living. Renée is like a green Martha Stewart, making green living easy as pie."

- Alicia Silverstone, actress/environmental activist

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